What is Love?

Love to me has always been found in the pride from my family, the hugs from my goddaughter, the support from my friends, that one late night talk with a boy, and the prayers from my Lola.

I’ve seen it overflow at weddings, felt it pour out in funerals, and heard it echo in the laughter of friends.

It’s been there in my moments of happiness and loss. It’s broken me down. It’s picked me up.

(And maybe one day — I’m sure some day — I’ll share a bit more.)

But what is love, to you?

My goal is to create an inclusive community of diverse voices and points of view to help answer this site’s name.

“What Is Love?” is and will be a love letter—to the world, to you, to me. It’s a story, a platform, words, pictures… and people all striving and sharing to figure out this feeling between partners, between friends, between family, and between oneself.


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Currently all content—photos (edits and shots) and interviews, unless stated otherwise—are done by Jemicah Colleen