Love is Vulnerability: Victory

“It means being okay with exposing yourself… and being confident that love does not judge.”

Growing up how did you perceive love? What influenced your view on it and has that view changed over time? If so, how?

Growing up, love was whatever my parents showed me, like believing in me, supporting my dreams, and telling me I can be whoever I want to be. Besides that, I am grateful to have parents who understood the true meaning of love and they were able to raise me to understand true love comes from loving oneself first. I will say my view on this is still the same because only when I love myself can I truly give love to someone else.

Was there anyone you looked up to, in terms of being an example of love?

Honestly, God has always been my example of love. I challenge myself everyday to love like God loves me: unconditionally. I was blessed to be shown the love of God through the love my parents showed me and I try to love people I come across in the same manner.


When it comes to your husband, how did you know you loved him—when and how did you know he was the one?

I knew I loved him when I realized he truly made me happy. I will say I knew he was the one when I realized my definition of love was wrong all along. With our relationship, I actually began to understand what love meant and it meant being vulnerable. It meant truly giving yourself to someone entirely without a filter on. I also knew when I realized the impact he had on my life: learning to truly love myself wholeheartedly. 

What makes your relationship work—to the point that you were so devoted to saying “I do?”

Transparency. From day one, we’ve been completely honest with each other: our wants, what we didn’t want, and how we feel. Saying “I do” was so easy because we built our foundation on this principle, which also helped us build intimacy, especially being long distance for the duration of our relationship.

Any advice for how to keep a relationship strong?

Keeping a relationship strong is all about choice. You have to choose to be happy. You have to choose to make things work. You have to choose to love each other day in, and day out.

Victory leaning against a wall in a lavender blazer.

Following you on social media, it’s apparent how much love you put into your business, Twenty-Four Hour Woman, and your dreams. Do you have any advice for women pursuing their dreams?

Not to copy Nike here, but just do it. Create a plan of action and begin to work on it. Don’t let research cripple you: just start and the rest will follow. Make sure you’re passionate about the work you’re doing as that will sustain you during the hard times, and there are plenty.

Love is…? Fill in the blank with one word or two and explain why you chose that word with a couple sentences.

Love is vulnerability. It means being okay with exposing yourself: all your flaws, things you might not like about yourself, or you’re ashamed of, and being confident that love does not judge.

*photos courtesy of Victory
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